Hurghada health tourism cluster "RSHTC"

A group of health care providers between hospitals, medical centers and doctors' medical practice who entitled to provide the optimum medical care of services through harmonized process with support of Egypt In-Touch Assistance, which provide the pre, during and post medical care of logistics, touristic and extra services.

We are committed to:
- Achieve Professional Excellence in delivering Quality care.
- Ensure care with Integrity and Ethics.
- Adhere to National and Global Standards in healthcare and customer services.
- Provide Quality healthcare to all Sections of Society and International patients. 

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Amira Jacob

Marvel Medhat

Sara Beshai

Mina George

Ramy Kamel

Hanna Abouda

Why choose us?


A promise of trust, empathy & continuity of care.

Our patients are at the heart of what we do. Our network of hospitals and doctors are always willing to go the extra mile for you and promote trust by upholding ethical behavior in all our actions. We offer professional, compassionate care delivered with warmth, responsiveness and sensitivity.


Integrity in healthcare and logistics delivery

Our medical team and support staff provide compassionate care with the purpose of bringing transparency into your health trip plan to Hurghada - Red Sea.


A promise of trust, empathy & continuity of care

Learn to create front-end solutions on your own and will be able to implement complete solutions for clients without intermediaries

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